Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat & Chili Cook-off

This is us at our yearly Trunk or Treat last Friday.  It is a great time with the whole neighborhood.  I am proud to say that, yes, that is my cheerleading outfit from high school that I could still wear (just shows you how fat I was in high school) AND (we won't mention that I couldn't breathe all night).  Anyway, Ryan wouldn't sit still for a pic, so you get him running to me while I run away from him.  Cole was Jack Sparrow - soooo cute, and Carson is that Alien in case you can't tell.  The pic with me and my friend, Becky, is fun since she was wearing all 80's stuff and had her hair just like I still wear mine - ha ha!  I loved taking a walk down memory lane with her outfit!  We had a great time, though my chili didn't win...so sad!

Pumpkin Patch

We had a great time at the Engh Gardens Pumpkin Patch!  They have tons of overpriced pumpkins, a cute Halloween decorations store, a really cool pirate ship and a fun maze made out of haystacks.  The kids had a great time and then we went somewhere else to buy our pumpkins - we are so cheap!!  But, I have to say, I did buy 1 decoration to thank Engh for providing a fun day for us!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Fun!

UEA weekend weather couldn't have been better!  We did many fun things including gym-time for mom and gym-time daycare for the kids, shopping for Reflections project stuff, Hogle Zoo (with no camera - oops), Maceys October Celebration with blow-up toys, free scones, free drinks, free games for the kids, $3 steak dinner, and winning a $25 gift certificate to Macey's from Goldenwest Credit Union (also without camera - oops again), making cookies for the new neighbors who hadn't moved in yet so we ate them instead, and, of course, a trip to Wheeler Farm to feed the ducks, chickens, pigs, play in the tree house, and try to ride the sheep - so much family fun!  I miss summer when we could do these things every day - my family is the joy of my life! 

Big Helper?!

Ryan definitely has a favorite person in our house - and that would be Dad!  Everything Daddy does is something he must do, too.  Can't say Chris appreciated this moment as much as mommy since Ryan kept sweeping through the dirt as soon as Chris got it into a pile.  He is such a big helper?!

P.S. For those of you jealous people out there wondering why Chris is sweeping and mopping, I want you to know that I do all the toilets and bathrooms and he is such a sweetheart to help do his share of the inside work - I am a lucky woman!

Mini Remodel

When do you know it is time for a new microwave?  A good indication is rust and peeling paint... that adds nothing but, I am sure, toxic material to your food!  My range hood fan hasn't worked in over a year and I miss it since I often cause smoke when I cook - yikes!  So, off to good ol' RC Willey to get a combination microwave/range hood/fan that is not only very functional, but pretty and a little updated, too!  I love the new look and it clears off my countertop, too, since my toaster oven and knives fit in the previously occupied microwave spot.  I am a happy woman!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seize The Moment....Or The Child!

I truly cherish watching my husband play with my children!  I would not trade these moments for anything!  Life is so precious and moments like these are invaluable!  Hope these pics make you smile - I was cracking up!!

Ryan Does The Stink Bug

Ryan likes to make us laugh and one of his favorite stunts that makes mom laugh is his "stink bug" pose.  Too Cute!

Books Bond

I love books and I love, even more, watching my children learn to love books.  These pics are precious!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Can you believe we got to get stitches AGAIN yesterday?!!  You have to love all the excitement around our house.  Kyle was standing on a stool to reach his gloves in the top of the coat closet because it actually snowed here yesterday...Yuck - I hate the snow!  He fell, big surprise, and hit his knee on the edge of the stool .... who knew stools could be so sharp?!  It was very deep and bleeding a lot ....so off to the Instacare for 3 stitches and a bandage.  We are thankful for small owies - maybe, like small earthquakes, it means we'll avoid the big ones!!!  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Shopping

I am sooo old!!  I am now officially 37 - how depressing!  I went out and bought new jeans and new shoes to make me feel better - here is a preview.  Since then, I have decided buying new clothes is not nearly as fun as previously enjoyed before I had 4 children.  Such is life!

Love Those Peaches!

I am so grateful for my 10 year old son for pushing me into learning things I don't know how to do!  Kyle:  Mom, how do you bottle peaches?  Mom:  I have no idea.  Kyle:  I really really really want to learn, will you please learn and teach me?  Mom:  We'll see.  And then, every day for many days he reminds me how much he really wants to learn.  Sooo, I begged my mom to teach us and the sweetheart she is, she let us come over and Kyle & I learned together and bottled about 14 jars.  Then, because I am an overachiever by nature, I called my friend, Heather, and she taught us how to dehydrate them as well.  They are so yummy and it was a great bonding experience with my oldest son that we will for sure do it again next year.  Kyle decided he liked bottling better and I found I will actually eat peaches if they are dehydrated, so it worked great for both of us!  So fun!