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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hailey & Me In Colorado!!!

This past weekend I went to Colorado to visit with my very dear and close friend and confidant, Hailey Babcock.  It was my early Mother's Day gift from Chris and it was the best gift ever!  We drove there and I flew back 4 days later.  She teaches pilates with a Reformer machine and let me join one of her classes.  I am still hurting - what a wimp!  We talked and talked for hours on end, watched chick flicks & Food, Inc. (highly recommended unless you ever want to eat again), ate at waaayyyyy yummy French Brasserie Ten Ten on Pearl Street and Larkburger (yummmmmmm), stayed up way too late, exercised, ate too much good-for-you food, made granola, homemade wheat bread (grinding the wheat yourself), homemade guacamole, and to-die-for sugar cookies!  I brought home wonderful new skills, great recipes and many wonderful memories....thanks, Hailey, for everything!!!

Ok, I am not the brightest tool in the shed...ripped off my entire nail - roots and all - when helping Hailey to move a basketball stand.  Can honestly say I now understand why ripping out fingernails is an effective form of torture.  Truly a painful experience - let's hope it grows back...yes, that is my fingernail next to my finger in the picture ...OWWWWCHHHH!!!!!