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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Big Brother, Dirk

I just received the news that my sweet, wonderful, christ-like brother, Dirk, just passed away from his brave battle with adrenal cancer. I am filled with sadness for all of those he left behind. I know he is at peace and filled with joy where he is. I know the Lord took him home to do His work because he was such a wonderful man and had proved himself worthy of the Lord's kingdom. I know his time on earth was cut short because he was needed there more than here. I know he is at peace and filled with joy in our loving Heavenly Father's kingdom. I know that I will see him again because Families are Forever.  I am so thankful for all this knowledge!

I am so proud of him and the example he has set for me and for our family all of my life. He will always be remembered as the Spiritual Giant in our family. He has done so much for each of us and set an unwavering example of faith and righteous living. A few things I will always remember about Dirk....

  • My children loved him dearly! Every time he came to visit our home, he played with them. I am not talking about 3 minutes of hide and seek, I am talking about running around, throwing them in the air, wrestling with them and talking to them for hours! They each know him and love him even though he lived across the country. He made a true lasting, loving impression on my children!
  • He quit his lucrative job as a big-shot attorney to stay home more with his family as they went through their teenage years. All of his children are successful, beautiful, truly happy people and I believe it was because of his and Laura's unwavering dedication to them growing up. Thank you, Dirk, for setting this example for me!
  • He always put the Lord first in his life. In every decision he made, he made it with the Lord's approval first. He was super smart and learned both in worldly and spiritual matters. I never tired of hearing his thoughts and opinions on anything - he knew so much and was so humble!
  • I cherished picking his brain for child-rearing help. He inspired our "one-on-one" time with our kids at night and our "daddy dates" each week. I pray each day our children will turn out as wonderful as his and Laura's have! I pray he will help watch over and guide them as their "Guardian Uncle Dirk Angel" as they grow up!
  • He loved law and making a difference in the world through his work. He loved learning and using his mind. I want to be more like him in so many ways!

Good-bye, my Big Brother Dirk....I love you and I miss you so much! Until we meet again....your little sister, Jody