Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cole's Birthday Blues

It was Cole's birthday yesterday.  He had a preschool program in the morning, McDonald's for lunch, shopping for the giant remote control buggy he has wanted for 2 months, to Nicelcade with his brothers and his dad, shopping for a giant bean bag for gaming on, and then pizza and  a video with the family that night.  It was a very fun day except the giant buggy had to be charged overnight.  So, up first thing (6AM) to play with the very fun buggy that is now all charged up.  Mean mom made him wait until 7AM to go outside and play with it.  Play play play with a big grin on his face for 10 minutes until the neighbor's daughter backs out of her driveway and right over the giant toy. My poor little newly 5 year old sits down on the driveway and sobs and sobs.  It was the saddest thing you have ever seen!  It made me cry, too.  $50 in 10 minutes - that has to be a first for even our family!

And, because I remember when my dad bought me an ice cream cone which I promptly licked too hard and fell onto the parking lot and he immediately took me back in and bought me another one without one mean word, I took Cole to Toys R Us and he bought another one and a cool Iron Man guy.  What is money when my little boy is happy - right?!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Carson's Baptism

Wow!  What an amazing day! It was raining cats and dogs, but it was the most beautiful day to us and little Carson.  We gave him a set of scriptures with his name on them and he reads them every day. The baptism was at 9:00, so it was early, but at least we were first and the font water was warm!  I got to set up the night before which was awesome.  Grandma Koch and Christensen spoke, I made a special video of Carson while they changed, and everything went perfectly.  We all went to our house for yummy breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and lots of fruit.  The day couldn't have been more wonderful.  I am so proud of Carson's decision!