Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Monday, August 17, 2009


We really really love Moosehorn and fishing!!  This year we went two times - one of which Kyle broke his thumb.  But the second time was just wonderful!  Kyle and Carson both caught fish and Cole had several "almosts".  We also hiked up to the  beautiful meadow that I love and feel like I have been going to all my life probably because I have.  So many great memories there as a child and now for my children to remember.  I love tradition and being together as a family!

Track 09

This was a great year for track and field!  Kyle was absolutely amazing in every way!  He did well at everything he competed in and ended the year with 12 ribbons spread over 4 different meets.  He usually competed in the 1/2 mile, shot put, discus, long jump and 4x1 relay.  It was a proud parent summer for us - what a talented kid!

Broken Thumb

We were up at Moosehorn and Kyle slammed his own thumb in the door jamb of our tent trailer.  Major pain and suffering until the next morning when we could get it xray'd and set.  Life is  never boring around our house!!!