Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter '09

We had a great Easter last weekend and I am finally getting around to writing about it!  I have to say that I love love love tradition!!!  It is what makes holidays so wonderful!  We had our annual Egg Dying Party at my mom and dad's house for the big annual Easter Egg Hunt at their house on Saturday.  Then we had egg hunts at our house and then at Grandma & Grandpa Koch's with a yummy dinner on Sunday.  The boys wore their new Easter outfits - a first for matching.  They will also wear them at Aunt Rachel's wedding in a few weeks. Don't they look cute?  Carson was sure to put holes in his brand new pants that day to make sure I didn't forget that he is all boy.  It was so much fun and a true celebration of Christ's Resurrection.  We love to Party!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't Run Stop Lights - DUH!!!

Ok, I got ANOTHER ticket last night - this time running a red light that I KNOW was yellow when I entered the intersection.  I was out running errands, you know, last minute Easter shopping, when I made a left turn on a YELLOW light and got pulled over.  Little lady officer did not agree, however, and gave me a big old ticket - my second in less than 6 months.  Looks like I'll be going to traffic court to fight this one so I can maybe keep my license and my insurance - wish me luck!!

Throwing Up!!

This is what throwing up blood gets you - a trip to the ER to re-hydrate and anti-nausea meds via IV.  It was the first for this mom and very not fun for little Carson.  It was a miracle, though, he came in barely breathing and left like nothing was ever wrong - truly AMAZING!! The power of modern medicine - I am so thankful!

Las Vegas

Had a great time in Las Vegas with Chris for our 14th anniversary!  Relaxed by the pool and had great weather and time without any children for 4 whole days.  It was wonderful! Grandma and Grandpa Christensen, Grandma Koch, and a trustworthy babysitter made it possible and lots of fun for the kids.  It was a great time and I cried for 2 days after returning because I missed the fun - though I love being a mom - it was a shock coming home after all the relaxation!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Carson Turns 8!!

Carson turned 8 on March 29th!  He had his birthday a week early since mom and dad were going to Las Vegas over his "real" birthday.  He had a late night birthday party "monster mash" with lots of scary games and ghost stories, a treasure hunt, candy bar game, and presents, of course.  He got a Nintendo DS and a couple of games that he loves to play.  He is very excited to get baptized on May 2 at 9:00AM.  Everyone is invited to come. Call me if you need details.  It is delayed because of general conference this weekend, but that is ok - mom needs extra time to plan.  Hopefully the weather will be nicer by then, too. Party time!!!

Ryan Turns 2!!

My baby is 2 years old - it is almost hard to believe!  We had a great time celebrating at Classic Skating in their bounce house.  He got sand toys and a Harley Davidson tricycle that has lights and sounds.  He didn't quite get the blowing out the candles thing and he still refuses to say actual words, but he is darling and such a clown!  We love this little ham!