Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Monday, October 11, 2010


And I thought Kyle was too small for football - was I wrong!!  He started this Fall with a bang playing football with his friends from school and has learned a lot and gotten a lot of bruises.  I told him he needs to run faster so no one can tackle him - he does most of the time!  I spend most games in knots hoping he doesn't get hurt.  What a multi-talented kid!  There is nothing he can't do and nothing he won't try at least once!


One Last Summer Blast at Boondocks before summer vacation was over - very fun and sad!  
We loved this summer and can't wait for next year!


Summer simply wouldn't be summer without a couple of fishing/hiking trips to Moosehorn in the Uintahs with Grandma & Grandpa Christensen!  Everyone caught fish and ate them - Yummy!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Capital Reef National Park

More Summer Fun at our annual Capital Reef National Park trip!  It's all about "who you know"!  Our friends have an awesome cabin down there and we spend time with them there at least once each summer.  These are pictures of a steep hike down to a beautiful area with cliff-jumping.  Ryan would have loved to jump, too, but mom was too nervous to let him.....maybe next year...or the next....

We can't go an entire summer without some kind of stitches/accident.  Cole volunteered for this year .... again.  Smacked into the counter when trying to hold his food away from the dog, Zoe.  At least it was in his eyebrow and there were only 5 stitches this time - all on the top!  We are grateful for small stuff - big stuff, like skull fractures, scare mom!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We had so much fun riding bikes, hiking, and swimming at my Aunt Marge's all summer long!  We couldn't get enough of being outside!  It was wonderful!

Summer Waterskiing

Cole, Carson, and Kyle all learned to waterski and I even re-learned to wakeboard this summer! It was just awesome! 
Thanks to my brother Chad & family for donating their time and boat to our waterskiing cause - they are the best!
It was a true highlight of our summer this year!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer Sports!

And The Race Is ON....
Long Jump

Shot Putt

Go Cole!!!!
Carson Loves Soccer!!!

Kyle Makes His Move!!
Summer just wouldn't be the same without summer sports!  Kyle made a name for himself in his Track & Field Events - amassing over 15 ribbons over the summer - several in first place!  Cole tried Soccer for the first time and loved it so much he is doing it again this Fall!  Carson also tried Soccer for the first time and surprised us all with his natural ability so much that he is also doing it again this Fall.  Kyle continued to amaze us with his Soccer skills as well and Ryan got to watch them all and get very excited to participate very soon!

Cole Loses Teeth!

Cole finally lost his first teeth the very "un-traditional" way after growing in his permanent teeth first and refusing to let the baby teeth go in front of them.  Thanks, Mr. Dentist, for helping us out!

Cole Turns 6!!

Cole turned 6 years old on May 13!  He is such a happy little person and wants to choose the right and make everyone happy!  We love him so much and look forward to many more years raising this #3 son!  He celebrated with lots of friends at Classic Skating!

Easter 2010!

We love celebrating Easter every year at our grandparent's homes!  It is my favorite holiday since there are so many wonderful traditions! 

Carson Turns 9!

Carson turned 9 on March 29th!  He is an amazing kid with such a bright future!  I am so proud of him!  He celebrated with lots of friends at a pool and late night party.  

Ryan Turns 3!

Ryan turned 3 on March 20 and I am just getting around to getting my postings updated.  Bear with me and my busy busy busy life!  It was a great day with celebration all around with grandparents and family and, of course, Zoe :)  My baby isn't such a "baby" anymore :(