Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009!!!

Everyone got up early and then went back to bed to wait for Ryan who woke up at 7:15. We all went down together to open presents. It was over quickly with everyone ripping everything open quickly despite mom's pleas to take turns and pose for pics. We had breakfast and then opened our stockings. Then we played played played with all our toys, got ready for Grandparents, visited them and opened more presents and ate lots of yummy food. Came home and watched movies we got for Christmas and went to bed.

It was a great year filled with wonderful memories for all of us! The kids were spoiled as always and we did a sub for santa family that they all gave toys to and delivered. We hope they realize how blessed we are and how much fun giving can be as well as receiving!

P.S. That really is a cell phone that Kyle got with unlimited minutes/texts from Cricket. I hate that he is getting so old and grown up!

Cousins from New York!

My little brother Shawn visited Utah with his kids for the first time in two years....boy, what a treat!! We had soooo much fun play play playing with our Utah cousins. We even took them sledding. We miss them terribly and LOVED their visit. We really hope to see them more often. Love you guys!

NOVA Graduation

Kyle graduated from the NOVA program this past December. We are proud of him and hope he will remember and live by all the great things they teach him in this program! His class made up a rap for the parents and Kyle did breakdancing while they said it - it was awesome!!! I am so proud of my boy!