Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Timpanogus Hike

Chris went with his brother, David, and dad, Fred, and brother-in-law, Kelly, to hike Mount Timpanogus a few weeks ago.  It was an intense, gorgeous hike that took the whole day round trip. He suffered from some blisters, but the view and experience was definitely worth it!  Hope you enjoy the pics.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bike Riding, Picking Peaches, Grandma & Grandpa's

Fun family day riding bikes, picking Grandma & Grandpa Christensen's peaches and playing in their big big yard!

Corn On The Cob


We were happily eating dinner when the kids said, "hey mom, look at Ryan", and this is what I saw - what a little card!

Gotta love corn on the cob - fresh from Grandpa Christensen's garden!

First Day Of School 08

My boys are growing up - 2nd and 5th grades.  I am a proud mom and I miss them being away all day.  The summer was too much fun and we all got spoiled playing all the time.  It is definitely quite and boring without them around all day!

Pinewood Derby

Yes, it was the Pinewood Derby for our Scout Troup.  Chris insisted on spending hours, literally, cutting, sanding, weighing, lubing, painting, testing and building the coolest car for Kyle to race. He even got books and movies from the library and studied them intently before beginning.  He insisted that Kyle watch him every second since it was "Kyle's car" - hehe!  

Then the big competition night came and let's just say that the car that won the fastest car smoked Chris's car - oops - I mean Kyle's car, and was thrown together the night before by the scout - not the dad.  Kyle's won "the best of show" - it was really neat looking which has to count for something. 

Gotta love the scouting program!

4 Boys At Church

Ever wondered what it is like to have 4 boys at church?  Let me give you some ideas:
  • You pack a baggie of pieces of bread to take to sacrament meeting so that when your 18 month old sees the tray of sacrament bread, you can quickly give him ONE and then pass the tray very high over his head while handing him the baggie you brought to stave off the inevitable tantrum!
  • You also have a ready sippy cup full of water for the same reason when the water tray comes around.
  • You plan ahead with an array of snacks they will feed all the kids around them since you know they will eat all of the other kids snacks because somehow they taste better.
  • You bring a big bag with a lot of fun church related activities for the kids around you to play with since you also know all the kids activities their parents brought are going to be more fun than the ones you brought and your kids are going to beg to play with them and you have to have something to share.
  • You pretend not to know your child when they escape, in spite of your best efforts to keep them in your pew, and run down the aisle, up on the stage, pull on the leg of the speaker, and yell "hi" to the congregation over the half stage wall.
  • You don't ever look guilty when the ball that somehow made its way from your house to sacrament ends up being thrown 10 pews up and smacks an older woman on the head.
  • When someone misbehaves, heaven forbid, you DO NOT threaten them with a spanking - EVER!!  This mistake was made known to everyone around us as we carried our 4 year old out while he yelled "please, please, don't spank me".
  • You allow one small toy to come with them to church. The rule is that it fits in their pocket.  As soon as you get to sacrament, out comes the ugliest, meanest, most irreverent looking "guy" they could find.  They then pretend to kill each other in very creative and gross ways throughout all of church.  Who came up with the sound "pshhhh" "pshhhh" "pshhhh" for shooting each other?  My boys love it and, since it sounds kind of like whispering, they say it a lot as they repeatedly "kill" or "knock each other out".  
  • You frisk, yes frisk, your children before they go to primary to make sure none of those friendly looking "guys" go to primary with them to torment their teachers and classmates with.
We love the gospel and we love our children - that is why we smile when people move away, far away from us when we sit down next to them and we go to church every week, rain or shine.  We are so blessed!