Mom, Dad, Kyle, Carson, Cole, Ryan

Monday, March 16, 2009

About Love Dance Production

Kyle just finished his first "professional" dance production!  He got to audition and everything for this part of being the "cool cute boy" all the girls were crazy about.  They tried to impress him by dancing and he showed off for them and then gave one of them a "love note" at the end.  It was a darling piece and came in the middle of the show. The whole show - minus this piece - is one this company puts on every year with different choreography.  It was put on downtown at the Rose Wagner Theatre.  Kyle is really sad it is over - he had so much fun and learned a lot and met a lot of amazing adult dancers.  It was great and Chris and I were so proud of him!!!

Fencing 09

Kyle and Carson both just completed a beginning course in Fencing.  They did a wonderful job and loved learning and playing with swords.  Such a boy-thing!

Alphabet Crown!!!

Cole got his Alphabet Crown at Challenger.  This was a very proud parent and child and teacher moment since we have been working sooo hard and long to get to this point!  He knows all his letters and his sounds and is now working on his blending badge.  He is such a smartie and we celebrated by going to Jungle Gyms with his friend, Daniel, and dad joined us for lunch.  It was a great day!!!

I Love My 2 Year Old!

Ryan can be such a cutie!  I love this little guy and he does the cutest things all the time in addition to all the trouble he gets in.  This is his scary monster moment.  He found an old Halloween mask and walked around all morning being "scary".  What a ham!!  This other pic is from when Dad and him fell asleep snuggling during a movie and mom just had to take pictures....so sweet!